Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites

(National Park Service)

Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites, Chapter 17: Department of Justice and U.S. Army Facilities

(National Park Service)

Denshō: The Japanese American Legacy Project

Denshō Sites of Shame

Discover Nikkei

Go For Broke National Education Center

Japanese American Citizens League

Japanese Americans in the Military Service Intelligence

(National Japanese American Historical Society)

Japanese American National Museum

Japanese Canadian Internment

(University of Washington)

Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i

National Japanese American Historical Society

War Relocation Authority Documents: Internet Sites about the War Relocation Authority

(Bowling Green State University)

The War Relocation Centers of World War II: When Fear Was Stronger Than Justice

(National Park Service)

WW2 Japanese Relocation Camp Internee Records

Archival Resources

Digital Public Library of America: Prisoners at Home: Everyday Life in Japanese Internment Camps

From Confinement to College: Video Oral Histories of Japanese American Students in World War II

(University of Massachusetts Boston)

Japanese American Archival Collection ImageBase

Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement: A Digital Archive

(University of California Berkeley)

Japanese American Internment Camp Newspapers, 1942-1946

(Library of Congress)

Japanese American Internment During World War II: Primary Source Set

(Digital Public Library of America)

Japanese American Relocation Centers Records: A Student Digital Exhibition

(Cornell University)

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive (JARDA)

(University of California)

Japanese Relocation and Internment

(National Archives)

National Archives: Japanese American Internment

Online Archive of California: Finding Aid to War Relocation Authority Photographs of Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement, 1942-1945 circa 1941-1947

(Online Archive of California)

Online Archive of the Japanese American Relocation During World War II

(Occidental College)

The War Relocation Authority and the Incarceration of Japanese-Americans During World War II

(Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum)

WWII Japanese American Internment and Relocation Records in the National Archives: An Introduction


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