Two librarians discovered a widely unknown history of enemy alien internment at Camp Livingston, Louisiana during World War II.

Generously funded by an ALA Carnegie-Whitney grant and an ALA GODORT Newsbank/Readex Catharine J. Reynolds award, this site aims to illuminate the enemy alien internment that occurred in central Louisiana.

Additionally, we not only provide resources that visitors can explore to further educate themselves on the history of Camp Livingston and internment but also highlight the role that libraries, archives, and museums play in maintaining and providing access to resources that allow citizens to educate themselves on issues that remain socially relevant today.


Sarah Simms

Hayley Johnson

Kohara Family

Miyamoto Family

Kano Family


Steve Kay

This project would not have been possible without the gracious support given to us by members of the families featured in this website.
Their willingness to share their memories and histories with us have made this project come to life.
Thank you!

We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Allen LeBlanc for his assistance with this project!